Weddings should be booked in person with one of the Priests or by contacting the Parish Office. A minimum of three months’ notice should be given to both the Church and to the State Registry Office.

Church Requirements:
• A recent copy of a Baptismal Certificate (dated within six months of the date of marriage),
• A Confirmation Certificate,
• A Letter of Freedom from parishes lived in for more than 6 months since sixteenth birthday
• A Pre-nuptial Enquiry Form filled in by the priest of the parish where the couple live. These are then sent by the Priest and archived in the Church where the marriage is to take place.

Civil Requirements
• It is a legal requirement for all marriages (including Church marriages) in Ireland that couples getting married must give a minimum of Three Months Notice to the state of their intention to marry. Please contact the Registrar of Marriages in Letterkenny 074-9124576 for further information or go to:
• It is the responsibility of the couple themselves to contact the registers office.

Getting Married outside the State
If you are getting married outside the state you do not need to contact the Irish Civil Register for marriages but you do have an obligation to enquire about the Civil and Church requirements of the country where your marriage is to take place.

Visiting Clergy
A visiting priest is welcome to celebrate a marriage in the church provided he is a Recognised Solemniser as registered by the civil authorities and has a valid celebret. We would like to stress that it is the responsibility of the couple to liaise with the Registrar.

For guidelines on Marriage in our Parish click here.

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