17 May

Re-opening for Mass

We take this opportunity to welcome you all back to public Mass after a long period of restrictions. For the next few weeks we will be trialling a new system. We will only permit a certain number of people in the church at each Mass. This will be on a first come first serve basis. Once we have reached our limit, those who do not obtain entry to the church building, may remain in their cars in the carpark and hear Mass which will be broadcast from our loudspeakers (or watch it on their phone as we will still be streaming Mass for those who are unable to attend due to health complications). At Communion time, the priest will bring Holy Communion out to those who are in the carpark. We are hoping that this will give different people the opportunity to attend Sunday Mass or the vigil Mass each week. Those who are in the church must adhere to the health and safety guidelines. Please ensure that there is a distance of two of the marked boxes between yourself/your pod and the next person/family. If you are coming by yourself or as a couple and choose to sit in one of our longer pews, please move in to the centre of the seat in order to allow others to be seated at the end of the seat. Face coverings are mandatory in the church and Communion must only be received on the hand. At Communion time, please ensure you maintain the social distance and come forward row by row, so that there is no crossing over. When exiting the church, please leave via the door nearest the section you are seated in. Thank you for your co-operation in these very difficult times.


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