09 Apr

EASTER TRIDUUM 2020 CHURCH OF THE IRISH MARTYRS, LETTERKENNY, CO. DONEGAL. Dear Parishioners, friends and all who may wish to tune in to listen and pray. At the Church of the Irish Martyrs in Letterkenny, we have loved the Ceremonies of Holy Week, and, in particular, the Celebration of the great Easter Triduum. In the absence and the sheer pain of being unable to do that, we offer to you these prayerful reflections, Word of God, Sacred Songs and evocative silent symbols of the way we all share this Holy Week of 2020. It is our prayerful hope and expectation that you will join us on this Pilgrim way in the knowledge and promise of Resurrection. If you are able to join in any of these reflections over the next three days, you are most welcome and thank you. And remember, Jesus showed to us that in weakness and being humble and fragile, we can all be uplifted and changed by the Love of God. The videos can be accessed here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChuhJ3ECc_7p2Sk0bH2U3hg/videos


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