The Diocese of Raphoe recognises and upholds the dignity and rights of all children and young people and is committed to their protection and support in a way that promotes their human dignity and integrity as children of God.

The Diocese values and encourages the participation of children and young people in parish liturgies and in activities that enhance their spiritual, physical, emotional and social development.

In keeping with this, we in the Diocese undertake to do all in our power to create safe environments for children and young people so as to ensure their protection from physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

The Diocese has comitted itself to putting procedures in place to ensure the welfare and protection of children and young people, together with the welfare of those who work with them. All church personnel must comply with these procedures. We recognise that the management and appropiate handling of child protection and welfare is a skilled and delicate task which requires knowledge, expertise and sensitivity and we are committed to a coordinated and inter-agency approach to ensuring that the welfare of the child is paramount in all we do.

This Parish has adopted the Diocesan Guidelines for Child Protection.

Parish Child Protection Officers:
Ciaran Maguire – 087 413 3372
Siobhan O’Connell – 087 620 0163

The National Board for Safeguarding children in the Catholic Church

For Forms and Diocesan Guidelines